MyWorks Software

Customizable Features

Complete GeoLocation Support

Assign locations to regions / display inventory accordingly

Automatic shipping price calculation

Intelligent order proximity routing

Managed Inside WooCommerce

Easily set product/variation inventory by location

Flexible order routing priorities/logic

Automatic built-in geo-location routing

Transparent stock logging

Allow users to choose preferred location in checkout

Show inventory per-location in product pages

Flexible Routing Priorities

Route orders by address proximity, inventory levels, default warehouse

Allow users to choose location optionally in checkout

API / 3rd Party Compatibility

Built-in compatibility with WooCommerce REST API

Compatible with 3rd party import/export plugins

Compatible with Kosmos eSync and MyWorks QuickBooks Sync

Integrates with


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MyWorks MultiLocation empowers brands to easily handle inventory management & order routing for multiple warehouses or locations managed within WooCommerce.

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Between $300-$500 per location/yr.

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