MyWorks Software

About MyWorks Software

Founded in 2009. Powered from the United States, Netherlands, South Africa & Bali.


MyWorks Software was born out of a passion for automating everyday business workflows and processes – to save time and promote efficiency. What started as a web design agency quickly evolved into a software development company as we saw a need for automation that “simply works” from our eCommerce clients. Every one of our products has been designed with the end user in mind – carefully considering our users’ needs and preferences to maximize efficiency and help them grow their business every day!

Meet the Team

Peter L.

Sales Engineer

Sol S.

Marketing Director

Zain A.

Creative Intern

Shaun W.

Customer Success

Brenda C.

Customer Success

Cristina O.

Customer Support

What Makes Us Different

We believe that amazing software is easy to use and well supported.

That’s why our sales/support teams in the United States, Europe and Asia work as a team to build software that “just works”, makes sense to a store owner, developer or accountant – and is backed by a support team that’s been around the block a few times.

All MyWorks plans come with unlimited support and a group of big smiles and helping hands that will be there to help you along every step of the way to ensure that our solutions save you time and increase your business’ efficiency. Saving businesses time and helping them grow is what gets us out of bed every single day – and we love nothing more than seeing our software bring another level of automation to our user’s business!